Learn how to be HAPPY in the face of adversity.

The new year is often a time filled with excitement and renewed hope. We find ourselves taking a personal inventory of what worked and what we want to improve in the novel days ahead. Each day, week, and month ahead are seen as blank opportunities.


After a year like 2020 many of us are running into the new year with even more expectation than years before this period of time.


How can we ensure that the year ahead of us will be filled with happiness?


What if nothing changes in 2021?


Even worse, what if things decline further than we are currently experiencing?

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and overall human being that has faced numerous difficult and devastating challenges, I have some tangible ways to face the new year with POSITIVITY. Life will always be life and we will always have to navigate it, but we are in more control than we realize.


You are invited to experience my FREE 5 Day Challenge to “Finally Get Positive About Life”, even while facing adversity.

Each day, of the FREE 5 Day Challenge, I will share how I have overcome the darkest and uncertainty that has continued to come my way over the years. My ability to overcome: morbid obesity, extremely severe anxiety, severe depression, infertility, Type II Diabetes, numerous surgeries, marital challenges, and so many other life struggles with a smile on my face has been with intension.


Join me as I share HOW to take on any year with POSITIVITY!

The Liv Harrison | 2020