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A Catholic Channel Special with Liv Harrison

SiriusXM Channel 129, Tuesday, July 21st - 3pm EST / 2pm CST

Hi friends! In my last email, I told you about my 1-hour Special on SiriusXM. I am so excited to have you join me on Tuesday, July 21st at 3pm EST / 2pm CST on The Catholic Channel 129 on SiriusXM. It is wonderful to know my friends will be beside me, listening in. Please spread the word and call in to chat with me live (details below).

Social media is something I love and struggle with on a daily basis. During this pandemic my relationship with social media has only gotten more confusing. However, what I do love about it has remained the same, it connects me to people. The greatest gift I have received from social media are the new faces and stories it has brought into my life. Colm Flynn, my guest on my SiriusXM special, is one of those faces.

Colm is an Irish native who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Even though he has only lived in the United States for four years, he has adapted to the culture of the Big Apple. His day job as a TV and Radio journalist for the BBC, RTE, and EWTN has kept him busy during the pandemic. His love of human-interest stories and going the extra mile to let his guests shine is what drew me to having him on my SiriusXM special. I am so excited for you to hear Colm's story, in his own words, and for you to hear his unique perspective!

Although I have my struggles with social media, my favorite platform will forever be Instagram, because of the fascinating people, like Colm, it has brought into my life. And that is a gift.

Today, I'd like you to meet COLM FLYNN, in his own words:

I love creating great content. I've been doing it ever since I got my hands on an old camcorder when I was eleven and built my own TV studio in the garden shed. Hopefully my work has come on somewhat since then! I present and produce TV for RTÉ One, the national public service broadcaster and number 1 channel in Ireland. I'm a reporter on it's flagship TODAY Show where I travel the country covering a huge range of stories and events. I also report and occasionally present 'Nationwide', one of the countries most viewed and longest running TV shows. In the past number of years my work with Nationwide has brought me all over the world, to places like South Africa, Ecuador, Australia, New York and London. The show is all about positive Irish stories and reflecting Irish society and its people. When I'm not making TV, I'm making radio. I started my career in my local radio station, Clare FM when I was still in school, filling in for a late night show 'Smooth & Sexy' (shudder). Ever since then I've loved the intimate medium of the 'wireless'. My radio reports are regular features on RTÉ Radio 1 and the BBC World Service. I travel the world interviewing inspirational people who have remarkable stories.

A Catholic Channel Special with Liv Harrison will be on SiriusXM Channel 129, on Tuesday, July 21st - 3pm EST / 2pm CST

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