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Not everyone responds publicly. That does not mean they are not responding privately.

Racism is not just a public battle to be won in a public forum. Do not underestimate the power of the private battles being won in the name of racism. • Just because someone is fighting differently than you does not automatically mean they are not a warrior. • Often it is the quiet who are the most impactful. Loud does not immediately mean strong. • An ally is someone standing next to you on the battlefield. Let us not get distracted by the posture from which they are standing.

I’m loud. It’s true. I know I’m loud. My entire life, I have been told, “Shhhhhhh!”. Now that I realize who I am, I understand. I’m not everyone’s “cup of tea” and I never will be. I have come to accept that. There is just something about getting older and accepting who you are without apologizing.  Another truth I have learned to accept is that most people are not like me. No really, it’s true! Not everyone on the planet is loud. And even though they don’t react, feel, or say things the same way I do, that does not mean they don’t have reactions, feelings, or emotions. They just express them differently.

Let me explain...

Our unique differences are what make us most lovable, as we are. Our differences should not divide us, we should celebrate them! Recently, I had the privilege of taking part in a conversation about race. My featured guest this week, Markus Lloyd, (whom I've known since junior high!), and I discussed race for the first time, as well as the story behind his success. How many successful LA actors do you know head back to Texas...intentionally? Markus knew exactly what he was doing. He just happens to be the best friend of a super famous Hollywood Star and his sister is an award winning Broadway actress. Markus absolutely knew. What makes Markus’ story so intriguing is not what he left behind, but what he has created. This man has been one of my favorite humans since junior high. And, for the first time we talk about race, and it is incredible! Markus has dedicated his life to healing racial issues in his community. He explains his personal experiences with kindness and gentleness. This is the podcast everyone needs to hear right now. It is simply two friends having a hilarious chat with some very real racial truth “threaded” throughout.  Do not miss this conversation! You'll laugh, and think, and fall in love with Markus as much as I have, again! Listen to Talk to Me featuring Markus Lloyd

ONE MILLION ROSARIES! The goal of this incredible collaboration between Catholify and Chewslife is to get 1 Million rosaries prayed by September 8th! Why September 8th? Because that is Mary’s, the Mother of God, birthday! It has been a tremendous privilege to pray live with this project. And they just released a video including over 70 Catholic speakers, theologians, influencers, authors, actors, creatives, parents, etc!

The full sorrowful Living rosary will be virtual on June 23rd 3pm EST

Join us in Prayer

“FOR THE LOVE!” This can mean lots of things depending on the context and situation. Often it means, “are you kidding me?” Try it! But make sure to sigh and/or roll your eyes!

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