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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  

After I stopped screaming, I remembered I was on the phone with my manager. “IT’S SIRIUS! IT’S SIRIUS!”, I shouted!

All of a sudden, Monday, July 6th, became a lot less ordinary. I had my headphones in my ears, my phone in my hand, and an email about a dream I had assumed was not in the cards for me. God once again surprised me. 

SiriusXM had given me a 1-hour Special! 

A Catholic Channel Special with Liv Harrison will be on The Catholic Channel 129 on SiriusXM, Tuesday, July 21st at 3pm EST / 2pm CST

Me. As in, the stay-at-home suburban mom with no book, no blog, no platform, and no tremendous following. So I’ll say it again. Whoa.

But here’s the kicker. I have never in my life felt more at peace. It’s true. I feel uncharacteristically calm. This feeling must be from God.

This opportunity is something I have dreamed of, desired, prayed for, and worked towards for over two years. And now that it is so close, I feel amazing! Because whatever happens, I am at peace with, and that is such a fantastic place to be. I never would have thought this is how I would feel, and I had imagined I would be doing this alone. But that is not true, because of each of you.

Thank you for being here with me on this journey. No matter how far this goes, I feel you on this journey with me. You all have been a part of me getting here, not just to this particular opportunity, but to this place of peace. Your support and love and friendship have given me the courage to make it this far. I honestly could not do this without you. My gratitude for you is tremendous.

I hope you all will join me on Tuesday, July 21st at 3pm EST / 2pm CST on The Catholic Channel 129 on SiriusXM. It is wonderful to know my friends will be beside me, listening in. Please spread the word. This is definitely a “the more the merrier” type of moment!

Most importantly I just want to say thank you to God. Thank you God for this most surprising whoa!

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VOCATIONS LIVE! Vocation Ministry and Rhonda Gruenewald had a conversation with Liv and Nathan Harrison on June 30th. If you missed the live broadcast, please listen now!


“that's pretty RAD”

That's right, I'm bringing 80s expressions back! You know what I mean when I say "RAD", right? It's 'brilliant' (another fav) or 'pretty cool' on steroids!

Try it!

But make sure to have a scrunchie within arms reach, or a John Hughes movie playing in the background! 

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