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Talk to Me: Podcast Launch Day!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Hello friends!

I'd love to invite you to join me on my next adventure! I'm launching a podcast! It's called, Talk to Me: The Stories Behind The Success.

Social media has inundated our every day and it's really easy to get lost in other's incredible experiences, but there is always a real story of how they got there. What is the nitty-gritty behind the pretty picture or edited caption in the pictures of their real life?

What is the real story? Talk to Me. Humans are encouraged and uplifted by hearing and seeing the real, influential stories. This brings a sense of realism to our very edited and manicured social media lives. There is also an opportunity to discuss how God or perhaps inner strength played a part in these success stories. Let’s bring back the art of storytelling and strive for connection instead of comparison.

Today is launch day! I have been having a blast with these guests! Their stories will inspire you! We all can use some inspiration after this pandemic, right?

Episode 1 – Fr. Darryl Millette

The importance of storytelling has gotten lost in the desire to have the perfected social media feed. More conversations seem to be happening “online” rather than in person. The magic that is created during dialogue is becoming extinct. However, all it takes is two intentional people with a little uninterrupted time and the story is resurrected!

In a matter of minutes, it is apparent why Fr. Darryl is a fan favorite in Catholic social media circles. Sure, he galivants with SiriusXM Catholic radio star Lino Rulli on multiple pilgrimages. In fact, it is true that he spends Halloween with former-Catholic-SiriusXM-radio-host-triple book author-turned-podcaster-and famous Comedian Jennifer Fulwiler. This is not what makes Fr. Darryl worth sitting down and chatting with, he is so much more than his connected friends. Fr. Darryl has an incredible story of how he was relentlessly pursued into the priesthood. It is SHOCKING how God made his point clear.

Two words to describe this fascinating story: HEAD CHEESE

Tune in to hear how Canada gained another priest from an encounter that is anything less than glamorous!

Listen here

Episode 2 – Chad Hedrick

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics might be cancelled, but an Olympian’s heart burns as bright as the legendary Olympic torch. Chad Hedrick is an Olympic 5000m Ice Speed Skating Legend. In 2006, at the Turin Olympic Games, Chad received the FIRST GOLD MEDAL for the USA! What makes this accomplishment more impressive than that is he did not grow up skating on the ice. Picture your favorite roller rink and that one kid that was faster than any other, that is Chad.

This Texas boy who could inline roller skate better than any person in the world decided to take his skills to the ice. He traded roller skates for blades of glory. But this is not the story that defines Chad. The real story is what happened moments after he grabbed the Gold. His life was forever changed, and not for obvious reasons.

Two words to describe this fascinating story: MEDAL CEREMONY

Tune in to hear how a tough Texan won Olympic Gold, yet discovered his true success off the ice.

Listen Here

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I love you all. Thank you for supporting me and these incredible guests!

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