Liv Harrison, Texas Tech Alumni

    Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification                           

BS in Human Development and Family Studies                  


more than a

More than a funny chick.

Beyonce was not built in a day.  I am a mogul that has been years in the making. Just kidding, just kidding. It took weeks. OK, fine. The Truth is, I am a normal person, just like you. I have had struggles and heartbreak in my life, I have made mistakes, but somewhere along the way, I did a lot of things right too. I want to talk to you about balance, happiness, peace and love and in order to do so, I have to be more than drop-dead gorgeous, right? So, below is my educational background and street cred. Yes, I have been a stay at home mom, but I am knee deep in service and I have a shiny degree. All of which, in my opinion are trumped by being a mom.

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Volunteer Experience


   Ministry and Adult Volunteer Work

2004-2006 Living Matrimony Core Team; 2006-2012 FAMILIA Animator; 2007 Right to Life Committee; 2007 Associate Director of Youth Ministry Search Committee; 2008 Featured Speaker on EWTN’s, “Broken and Blessed” (internationally aired program); 2008-2010 Catholic Daughters of America Vice-Regent/Charter Member; 2008-2012 Director of “10 Great Dates”; 2009 Writer/Director/Presenter, “Love and Romance: It’s Not Just for Newlyweds” (mini-marriage retreat), in Fort Worth and Houston; 2009-2012 POP Family Retreat Staff; 2009-2012 GRACE Charter Member; 2010-Present Sponsor Couple; 2010-2012 MYC Member; 2011 St. Ignatius Charter Marriage Speaker; 2012 St. Anne’s Society Member and Featured Speaker (CTR); 2012-2014 MOMS Group Rector; 2013 Teams of Our Lady Marriage Guest Speaker (CTR); 2013-2014 Junior League of the Woodlands (JLTW) Provisional; 2014 St. Anne’s Society Member and Featured Speaker (CTR); 2014-2015 JLTW Asst. Provisional Chair; 2015 Rock Solid Marriage Conference Romance Session Speaker; 2015-2018 Rock Solid Marriage CORE Team; 2014-2015 JLTW Assistant Provisional Chair; 2015-2017 JLTW Provisional Co-Chair; 2016 Rock Solid Marriage Romance Workshop; 2016 St. Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands Marriage Kick-Off Speaker; 2017-2018 (August, September, November, February, & April) Featured/Interviewed/Co-Host on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on Sirius XM (The Catholic Channel); 2017-2018 JLTW Training Chair; 2018 Writer/Director/Presenter, “Love and Romance: It’s Not Just for Newlyweds” (mini-marriage retreat) in Ft. Hood (CWOC); 2018-2019 JLTW Diversity & Inclusion Founding Chair/Executive Board Member 


                                                                                                                                                                                        Youth and College Formation

1996 Writer/Designer on the “Crossroads Retreat”; 1996-2000 Raider Awakening Staffer; 1997 Raider Awakening Prayer Speaker; 1998 “The Rock” Creator (College Praise and Worship program at TTU and TAMU); 1998 Raider Awakening Rector; 1999 Chaminade Awakening Charter Staff and Speaker (Hawaii); 2000-2002 Core team for St. Albert the Great (Austin); 2001 Diocese of Austin Youth Conference Session Breakout Speaker ; 2001 Write/Designer on the “Travels Retreat”(Austin); 2002 St. Williams Junior High Marriage and Sexuality Speaker (Austin); 2003-2010 CGS Confirmation Retreat Speaker/Staffer; 2004-2007 “Vision Retreat” Director and Senior Class Catechist; 2004-2009 POP Challenge and Journey Retreat Speaker/Staffer; 2004-2012 Adult Servant Leader; 2005-2010 CGS Confirmation Program Guest Speaker; 2007-2009 St. Michael’s Marriage Guest Speaker; 2008 Steubenville South Conference Chaperone and Small Group Leader; 2010-2012 VBS Photographer (Louisiana); 2011 Theology of the Body Charter Weekend Retreat for St. Mary’s Texas A&M College Students (Writer/Creator/Featured Speaker/Leader); 2011-2013 POP’s Got Talent Judge; 2012 POP’s “Girl’s, Let’s Get R.E.A.L” Session Breakout Speaker; 2013 Nichols Awakening Marriage Speaker; 2014 SELU Awakening Marriage Speaker; 2015 Diocese of Austin Youth Conference "DCYC" Women's Speaker "Hashtag....It Just Got REAL!"; 2015 Cowboy Awakening Marriage Speaker; 2015 South Houston Deanery Summer Speaker; 2015 St. Ignatius Girls of Grace Facilitator; 2015-2016 ACL Vice President; 2016 CONNECT Facilitator (POP); 2016 St. Ignatius Confirmation Retreat Women's Session Speaker; 2016 & 2017 POP Christmas Eve Children’s Mass Presenter; 2016-2018 St. Ignatius Catechist; 2016-2018 American Heritage Girls (AHG) Tenderheart Squad Leader; 2017-2018 AHG Troop Vice Coordinator; 2017-2018 AHG Charter Board Member at St. Anne Catholic Church


08/04/17: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a GUEST (LIVE from EDEL)

09/21/17: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a GUEST

11/30/17: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a GUEST

01/26/18: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a CO-HOST

02/02/18: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a CO-HOST

02/03/18: LEADER/SPEAKER/CREATOR of the RETREAT “Love & Romance: It’s Not Just For Newlyweds!” at Ft. Hood

02/15/18: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a GUEST

03/25/18: LEADER/SPEAKER on the topic “LOVE and Holy Week” at LifeTeen in Jennings, LA

04/19/18: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a GUEST

04/20/18: The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SIRIUS XM as a CO-HOST

04/21/18 & 04/22/18: HOST/EMCEE for GODSTOCK in Burnet, TX at Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center

05/11/18: Vocation Ministry as GUEST/INTERVIEW (LIVE on Facebook)